EOT (Electronic overhead travelling) crane is essential industrial equipment involved in material handling job. Overhead EOT single girder cranes are used to lift the objects by a hoist fitted in a trolley.It comes under standard crane types. Overhead cranes can be segregated under two categories based on the number of cross –girders and based on the nature of running. Based on the number of cross- girders it can be categorized as single and double girder cranes.
The single girder overhead cranes (single girder EOT cranes) is very convenient equipment for material handling even in the small production units and warehouses. The reduced wheel loads combined with very low headroom standard hoists provide outstanding value. These material handling overhead cranes can fitted in different floor areas by using various fixing arrangements and modifications in design. The accurate dimensions result in optimal hook position providing exceptional travel characteristic.
Generally there is minimum safety distance with the ceiling of the building for overhead cranes with load capacity range of up to 10 T. This provides a typical advantages of utilizing the space at its best even in the buildings with unfavourable dimension. We can design and efficiently install traveling cranes in available space by using different fixing arrangements. To accomplish the project with perfection, all we need is accurate dimension of the building during the planning stage.

Overhead EOT Double Girder Crane is used in the application of lifting the heavy loads which may weigh up to 10 T and also for transporting such heavy weights including the span of 30m and more than that. This Overhead EOT Double Girder Crane is compatible with wide pans and heavy weights. 2 torsion free box grinders, EOT Girder Cranes handling material, travelling EOT Cranes can withstand heavy loads. So, these double EOT Cranes are useful in lifting heavy loads that cannot be done by normal cranes.
It is designed in a simple way by using Electric Hoist and a normal chain pulley. This is highly recommended for Power House Cranes and can be used in maintenance. It is available in good price such that it can be bought by everyone, thus is made available for everyone who is in need of it. It is available in minimum cost as the cost of manufacturing is less which is achieved by avoiding the dead weight and the optimum design. It meets the customer's requirements in every aspect and can be modified if needed at the same time in an accurate way.

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